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Easiest Build to Farm Maps!

Posted: October 6, 2022

A powerful sorc

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Sometimes it just takes a little teamwork...

You play as a team. You make a list of items that are needed for the characters you run in your team.

The keyfarmers - Sorc with survivability and high FCR
The Uber Killer - Paladin + Necro, requires very little gear and very effective
The dclone character - Any efficient dclone character that is reliable

What you do early on is you speedrun through the game, do tons of baal runs until everyone are level 85 give or take.

After that you split up and farm the most efficient MF route your character is capable off. Cows, Chaos Sanct, trav, the pit etc. You give every good piece of gear that fits the keyfarmers for them to grind keys faster.

Every piece of currency you gain goes directly into: Keys, dclone mats and essential items for doing ubertrist and clone. Nothing else matters

After two days of going hard, you should be able to start clearing uber trists. You start selling torches / torch services immediatly, and you buy every ket set you find out there. At this point, all the money you are making are coming directly from torch selling, services and making profits from sales.

You do this for an entire day and you will have made several HR's if you're quick. At this point you will also have collected Black Soul Stones so you have already gathered materials for dclone.

You spend about 50% of your currency into making a budget dclone killer, and the rest of the money into pumping torches out and selling them for a profit.

You buy some very essential important dclone items, you set up the character and you clear dclones now. You start services for both dclone and torches.

At this point, it's all about buying mats, selling annis/torches and repeat the process.

The difference between YOU, and the top dogs that do this every season - is that the good groups of veterans have perfected their methods. They are super quick at all the steps above - they have sales reputation and they work as a team. They will have nailed this process and will be operational after just three days after the season has begun.

If you play 12 hours every day for a week like this - using this method as a team. You will all be swimming in currency and you can basically buy any gear you want for any build you want.

Everyone in the end gets their cut. The keyfarmers get their share of wealth, same does the ubertrist guys and the dclone farmer. If you continue to play together, thats fine - but most of the time it becomes a waste of time to farm keys yourself - its much more profitable to just buy keys, do mini ubers, trist and dclones and nothing else.

I have not included Rathma since I don't have much experience with him. This is experience I have from season 1 and 2 where me and a team did this and the method is solid to this day.

Oh and to answer your question - can you get fully geared with slams and charms solo? Yes you can. Maybe not in 4 days, but a week is possible. If you efficienty grind the best MF option on a S-tier class 14 hours every day for a week you can be decked out in gear and charms. But you have to play insanely repetive gameplay and miss out on your life for a week

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