An Art is beyond the everything ..

If you are photoholic and you want your pictures in front of graffiti walls, So, this post is for you. Basically i am posting this for those who are more creative and more imaginable because only those people can understand that what is the reason behind to make the graffiti, graffiti walls are made for to create something new in our visions. If i talk about my this post so i would say that my previous posts were about places to go for an adventure, peace , sightseeing etc.. But why i am posting about exploring graffiti walls in Delhi , there is a reason and the reason is most of the people from Delhi don’t know about these graffiti walls exist in Delhi. There are many places in Delhi where you can explore graffiti walls like , you can go Connaught Place , there are two three graffiti walls, you can capture your pictures there and you can make Vlog on that walls if you are a Vlogger or you can go Lodhi Colony there are uncountable graffiti walls where you will see the lots of people are capturing their moments with graffiti walls. Me and my friend made a Vlog on graffity wall. this is the link of that Vlog , you can check how graffiti walls looks in lodhi colony and you can check our more vlogs there apart from the promotion of my Youtube channel here i am going to tell you one more place where you will find graffiti walls and that is “Hauz Khas”. In Delhi Hauz Khas is the most visiting place from the recent years because this place have that type of an ambience which will always be in your mind. And yes i am talking about graffiti walls in hauz khas, So, when you will go there you have to go inside the market and after that you will see the graffiti wall. Apart from the this you can go the cafe’s , there are many cafe’s which are beautiful designed and you enjoy there. So, that’s it for this post and i hope this post will help you to explore graffiti walls .. definitely i will post about more places , “iamwanderingboy” my job is to explore the new places , new food point , new cafe’s that you all can go and enjoy there and make your moments precious and beautiful.

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