If you are seeking to spend your weekend on beach , so, this post is for you . .. Let’s continue , if you wanna do some adventurous thing so you can go rishikesh for all the adventures that you want to do ,apart from adventure you can also chill on beach in rishikesh … So, when i went there i was only there for river rafting but i found some peaceful places there to spend my time with myself..Apart from this rishikesh is the place which is beautiful in itself..I did camping there , camp name was junkyard camp which is 15km/s away from ram jhula ( rishikesh) and situated in jogiyana village , mohanchatti. If i talk about that camp ,so, the camp service was extremely excellent in reasonable charges ….But you have take bike on rent for go to the camp because buses and cabs cannot go there …There are many shops for bikes and scooty ..After this i did river rafting but at that time the charges was very low but now charges has been increased..If i talk about my rafting experience so it was hell adventurous , i jumped into rapids for adventure because i really wanted to do that type adventure in my life like right now i m looking for the next adventure that i ll do soon ..So, the experience was very fantastic, very adventurous and i also did cliff jumping but it was around 15 feet. we took 2.5 hours to complete 16km/s river rafting .. After this i spent my remaining time on beach which is at Ram jhula …i was chilling on the beach and i played games with my friend and i clicked picture of many things like you can see above .. when i was on the beach i was very relaxed , i could feel the nature there , i could feel peace there … some people were partying there and enjoying.. The place is for yoga also like almost yoga events happen there , so, if you are fitness freak so you can participate in events … So, in the. i would say that everyone should go there to spend some time for peace , fun, relax, and of course adventure .. let’s make every weekend special.

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