So, as i wrote in my previous blog i would share my picture of kheerganga.. In a picture i am playing with snow and you know, i was excited when i saw the snow very first time in my life… I couldn’t believe that i am in a place where actually the purety of nature exist… If i talk about my experience in kheerganga, so when i reached there it was about 7 pm and i was very tired beacause it was my first trekking and i took 6 hours to complete my trekk… Let me continue, when i reached there, there were camps for stay and their charges around Rs.250 approx per head excluding blanket charges, i had to pay extra Rs100 for blanket … Food was very expensive like i had to pay Rs 100 for maggie but it was worthed to eat.. In kheerganga there is a pond which has a naturally hot water… Now let’s end this, if you are planning to visit there so prepare yourself for an amazing adventure, beautiful nature views.. In the last, take energy drinks with you it will give more energy to climb..

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