Well! I never thought to became a wanderer but a day came in my life when i got a chance to go on a trekking, my friend asked me to go on trekk.. Without thinking a next thought i said yes, let’s go..it will be an adventure for me and i had never expect that what i am going to experience . When i started trekk to kheerganga from barsaini the distance was 15km/s approxx.. So, let’s come to the point when i got this picture where i found a cafe of an old man who entertained us very well and showed me this view from his cafe… Now, in the end i would like to tell you all i took 6 hrs to complete my 15km/s trekk but i can say that i really enjoyed hard and i became a witness of amazing views and amazing trekk.. In the next blog i will show you the picture from kheerganga….

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